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Updated Dual Enrollment information for parents can be found here. https://goo.gl/vnLHtQ



Mission Statement: The mission of the New Manchester High School Counseling program is to empower all students by providing an engaging curriculum that promotes academic success, positive personal and social development, and fundamental career perparation, so students can become lifelong productive members of the community. 


Which Counselor Do I See?
All 9th Grade Students Crystal Mattox
Counselor & Department Co-Chair
770-651-2718 crystal.mattox@douglas.k12.ga.us
10th - 12th Grade Students,
Last Names A - G
Shujuan Shannon,
770-651-2719  shujuan.shannon@douglas.k12.ga.us 
10th - 12th Grade Students,
Last Names H - Q
Pamela Cummings,
Counselor & Department Co-Chair
770-651-2727  pamela.cummings@douglas.k12.ga.us 
10th - 12th Grade Students,
Last Names R - Z
Teresa Townsend Brooks,
Counselor, Off-Campus Programs Coordinator
770-651-2781  teresa.brooks@douglas.k12.ga.us 
11th & 12th Grade Students
for College & Career Information
Pam Morris,
College and Career Center Specialist
770-651-2708  pam.morris@douglas.k12.ga.us