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Welcome to the NMHS Media Center!

Media Staff:


Frances Syverson

Media Specialist

Kortnie Ruble

Media Clerk

Sarah Renard

Media Specialist

Media Center Hours:  7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

Our desire is for all students and faculty to feel welcome in our media center.   Below you will find some information to help students navigate through necessary information regarding the media center.

Students must have a teacher's passbook to enter the media center during the school day.  Before and after school no pass is required.

When students enter the library during the school day,
they must give their passbook to the circulation desk attendant.

No food, drink or candy in the media center, please. 

Books may be checked out for a 2 week period at a time.  Reference materials can be checked out only overnight and must be returned the next day.

For the 2016-2017 school year, freshman students must earn the right to check out more than one book.  Students start the year eligible to check out one book at a time. After eight successful checkouts (no late returns; no fines), the maximum number of books goes up to two books.  Each time students successfully checkout eight times at their current level, the number of books they may check out increases by one, up to a maximum of five books.  However, any damaged books, late returns or fines results in the number of checkouts returning to one book. Students who have overdue books or unpaid fines may not check out any library materials.  Upper classmen are given consideration determined by their check-out history.

A fee of 10 cents per day is charged for books returned after the due date. A grace period of four days is given before charges accrue. Fines are also charged for books returned with damage.  Students must pay for lost books.

Students are allowed to use computers in the media center for school projects. There is a charge for printing: ten cents per page for black ink and fifty cents per page for color ink. This is necessary to offset the cost of ink cartridges and paper. 

Teachers wishing to request services or time with classes spent in the media center must sign up either on the calendar in the media center, emailing us, or calling.  The media center has a class set of laptops, arranged in a classroom-style setting, and teachers can reserve this area to bring their class(es) to complete online tasks. 



Mission Statement


The mission of New Manchester High School is to provide meaningful learning experiences that develop the character, academic ability, and talent of all students.