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Freshman Academy

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AUGUST 3, 2016, 9 am-2:30 pm
Click "Forms" above to download registration form and view proposed itinerary. All rising 9th grade students are welcome to attend.
  Please become familiar with the dress code policy

  What Every Freshman Should Know...

Enjoy your first year of high school, but remember ….

1.  Freshman grades do count. What you do the first day of 9th grade stays with you until you graduate. All grades…all 4 years…average to give you a cumulative GPA.

2.  You will have 8 classes. All 8 are important and count toward graduation and a cumulative GPA.

3.  Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.

 4.  NMHS is on an A/B schedule. You will have 4-90 minute classes a day. You will alternate between odd classes on one day and even classes the next day.

 5.  Learn nick names of places at NMHS (such as: Main office, Attendance Office, Auxillary gym, theater, courtyard, balcony, Jag Spot, CCI)

 6.  Use the College and Career Center and the Media Center.

 7.  Make new friends.

 8.  Get involved: chorus, drama, clubs, sports, band

 9.  Establish a balance between work and fun.

 10.Organize your Binder and keep a calendar (for each class). Sign up for myhomeworkapp and REMIND 101 in all of your freshman classes.

 11.Represent your class (maybe by running for office?) Have spirit!

 12.Ask teachers for help. Use tutorials.

 13.Don’t get behind…do your homework and study every night.

 14.Know where the offices are located (attendance, guidance, counselors, etc.)

 15.Make your ELECTIVE classes productive. They count towards graduation too.

 16.Get to know the following people: counselors, teachers, and administrators.

 17.Go to school events (band, theater events, sports, etc.) Participate and cheer (when appropriate)!!!

 18.Stay informed - watch announcements and check grades every week!

 19.Have a great time!!!