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Project Manhood

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Project Manhood is an up and coming male mentoring group that will reach out to nearby communities. Mr. James Brooks felt that this was something that these guys don't have and that is a sense of belonging and a sense of giving back.  It is geared towards all guys here at NMHS and it will be ran very similar to Big Brother.  They will participate with each other as well as build each other up. For the lower classmen, this will be an opportunity for them to see the upperclassmen doing something positive and for the upper classmen to contribute to the nearby communities.   Originating from Chapel Hill High, Project Manhood has done numerous events to give back to the community such as canned food and clothing drives, college fairs and donating monetary gifts to China and Haiti after natural disasters.  As a whole it is designed to bring guys together to become better individuals.  This is also a great opportunity to get community service in for college applications or any recommendations needed in the future.  Thank you for your support.


We will have a community service project soon this year!