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Holland, Marco Principal
Hopping, Michael Assistant Principal
Bissell, Shawn Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Gilchrist, Tekmekia Assistant Principal
Westbrook, Catherine Assistant Principal

Bailey, James CTAE
Bailey, Leslie Math Deptartment
Baker, Shannon Science
Baker-Burch, Jean Math
Benton, Angela CTAE/FBLA
Bethel, Casey Science
Bissell, Shawn Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Bonds, Cody CTAE
Brady, Janet SPED/ELA
Brooks, James Math
Button, Jocelyn Special Education
Byrd, Keith Physical Education
Clark, Heather Math
Clark, Karen Special Ed/Math
Cleveland, Rob PE
Connor, Robert Director of Drama & Musical Theatre
Conyers, Tanya English/Language Arts
Cooper, Katie Social Studies
Cordell, McKeith English Teacher & Department Chair
Couch, Heather SPED/English/Language Arts
Cummings, Pamela Counselor
Davis, Shequitia Spanish
Denovellis, Brenda Special Education/Math
Devine, Kenya Math
Dutro, Linda Special Education
Edwards, Tennile English Teacher
Flippin, Jr., Jerry Physical Education
Ford, Benjamin Social Studies/Athletes
Frazier, Chris Special Ed/Science
Gaiters, Damien Fine Arts
Giddens, Trey Fine Arts
Gilman, Carol Speech Pathologist
Gimenez, Marguerite ESOL
Green, John World Languages
Griggs, Terri Special Services
Head, Dean Credit Recovery Coordinator
Houlihan, Ashley Fine Arts
Jackson, Stacey Social Studies
Jordan, Melissa Math
Jordan, Natasha Math
Jordan, Stan Math
Lackey, Kandra English/Language Arts Teacher
LaPointe, Madeline Special Education
Lavin, Lindsey Fine Arts
Lester, Whitney WBL Coordinator
Little, Vera Special Education Department Chair
Lovelady, Christi Special Education
Maolud, Sarita English
Marks, Monica Science
Marques, Michelle SPED/English/Language Arts
Matthews, Katrina CTAE
Mayfield-Brooks, Mistie Physical Education
McCray, L. Math
Miller, Shana Math
Mulkey, Andrew English
Nichols, Brittney CTAE
O'Malley, Terry Language Arts
Parks, Mitzi SPED
Parks, Vincent
Petit, Adrienne Science
Pouncey, Zena Physical Science
Remillard, Stephanie ELA/READ 180
Renard, Sarah Media Specialist
Richards, Alyicia CTAE, DECA Advisor, SGA Advisor
Rigdon, Kent Science
Rinehart, Joy Social Studies/Dept Chair/Sr. Class Sponsor
Robbins, Kitty Special Education
Robertson, Serena English
Robinson, Shaughna CTAE and FCCLA
Robinson, Steve Social Studies
Robinson, Tasha Math
Rogers, Rachel Science
Shannon, Shujuan Counseling
Shaw, Victorine Forensic Science/ Environmental Science
Shivers, Catrice English
Smith, Jennifer Special Ed/Science
Snelgrove, Jill French
Stephenson, Milton Math
Sterling, Holly Social Studies
Swift, Whitney Social Studies
Terry, Myron Social Studies/Coach
Thompson, Keith Vocational
Tillie, Andrea Special Ed/Social Studies
Timbol, Franco Social Studies
Townsend, Teresa Graduation Coach
Travis, Jen Counseling
Viscaya, Emily Spanish
Walker, Chuck IR / Social Studies
Walker, Sherry Speech Pathologist
White, Ashley Science
Whitehead Coleman, Tamara CTAE
Williams, Aundra Math
Williams, Harold Social Sciences/Instructor
Worlds, Qiana Science

Burnett, Tamica Paraprofessional
Button, Jocelyn Special Education
Chasten, Sonya Attendance Clerk
Davis, Carol Attendance Clerk/Health Monitor
Flakes, Janice Special Services
Gates, Jessie Paraprofessional
Griggs, Terri Special Services
Hause, Penny Records
Herring, Brandy Office Staff
Ledford, Marilou Paraprofessional
Lunsford, Lawanda Office Manager
McCartney, Marian Office Staff
Meek, Anne Vocational Secretary
Morris, Pam Career Center
Renard, Sarah Media Specialist
Ruble, Kortnie Media Center
Sanders, Patricia Interrelated Paraprofessional
Whittlesey, Millie Office Staff
Ziegler, Kimberly Paraprofessional

Beacham, Donald Community Coach
Cloud, Charles Community Coach
Pace, Kevin Community Coach
Pinkney, Mark Community Coach
Pittman, Javis Community Coach